This is a bit of my history 

My Dad's parents came from Sweden in April of 1888 and settled in Minnesota. My Dad was born on Aug. 25, 1888. They lived there for 20 years then moved to Alberta in 1908 and homesteaded in the Coronation area. Dad's parents were born, raised and Baptized in the Swedish Luthern Church.   

My Mother's parents came from England in the summer of 1913 and settled in Saskatchewan. Mom was born on January 1, 1914. Her parents moved a lot and ended up for many years in the Coronation area. Mom's parents were born, baptized and raised in the Church of England

My parents were married on November 2, 1935, and I am the oldest of 10 born May 14, 1937. We lived in a Rusian built two-room mud house. I can remember sitting on Dad's knee and him singing to us many of the old hymns Like Rock of Ages, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, The Old Rugged Cross and many others. That house collapsed after 101 years. We were known to be some of the poorest in the area.  But we were never cold or hungry as we had a large garden and butchered a yearling beef when needed.  

We also had 15 to 20 chickens that supplied us with all the eggs we needed, and we milked a dozen cows. So we had all the milk, cream and butter we needed. We sold the excess cream at the creamery every week during the spring, summer and fall. We milked 1 cow during the winter for our own use.

Mom would buy a bolt of denim and sow clothes for us and the flower and sugar sacks were used for several things. This was a great life, I am glad to have had that experience. We walked two miles to a one-room school for the first couple of years. This school had grades one to nine and 15 to 20 students.

Some time in 1940,s a young pastor and his wife came out from Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills Alberta to set up a mission in the Coronation area. He managed to get two or three schools to preach in and several turned their lives over to Jesus Christ. I was one of them. 

However, at 14, I became a rebellious teenager and left the church; the BIGGEST mistake I ever made.

I never forgot about God, just put Him on the back burner until I was 41, with a beautiful wife and three great kids. Just before Christmas of 1978 I knelt on my knees and cried out to God for forgiveness and life has never been the same. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Our 60th. wedding anniversary was June 17, 2020. The Lord has enabled me to do many things that I will talk about in the book that He is enabling me to share with the world.

I have been gathering stories for the last 20 years and am in the process of writing my memoirs which I hope to have out before the end of this year, Lord willing.

God Bless you all as you become part of something much bigger than yourself.