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  •   We have been using one of these

  • sidebars now for several years ever

  • since my Wife had a hip operation.

  • I installed one in our church Ladies bathroom as well. I ordered one more for our men's Church washroom. I just installed it on our toilet to make sure it worked ok.

  • There are some complaints in the

  • reviews claiming it is too wobbly,

  • and rightly so. However, I don't feel

  • that is anything to be concerned

  • about as it is the joint above the

  • toilet ( see the Black Ring in Picture

  • above) that is a bit lose.

  • For someone that shakes a bit that

  • can be easily fixed by replacing 

  • the black collar and pin with a 

  • cadmium plated 5/16 x 1 1/2 inch

  • bolt and nut then tighten. 

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