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 The Kindle PaperWhite is the most  Popular Kindle. There are several Kindles on Amazon. To see what is available just double left click on the icon above and that will take you to the Amazon Kindle page. This Kindle PaperWhite is now available in two models one with 8GB and one with 32 GB.   
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I purchased my Kindle PaperWhite Aug 18, 2015. I have downloaded many books some of them free. What I like about my Kindle is I can load many books on it, carry it in my shirt pocket and read it any place when I am waiting for whatever or before I go to bed. You can also get a free reader for your computer, phone or any other reading device. Also, you can sync your devices so you can read on one and pick up on any other where you left off.     







This is one of the best books I have ever read. If you have an open mind you will see yourself many times as you read and study this book. 

The New American Standard Bible 1977 update is considered by many to be the most accurate translation. The one above is a Kindle E-Book and inexpensive. Double left click on the icon above and go check it out. 
If you scroll down you will see more choices of E-Bibles.
The ESV Readers Bible has no verses just chapters. I would recommend that you double left click on the icon and then near the top on the left-hand side click on LOOK INSIDE to get a feel for this incredible E-Bible. Next is the new NIV 2011 Version. The Holy Bible is the best selling book in history and the NIV is the best selling year after year. Check it out, look inside. The next is an NASB MacArthur Study E-Bible a very popular Bible. Check it out. '

 I have just read this book on my Kindle, so I am writing a review and giving my opinion.
Pros: This is a wake up BOOK for all free nations and a good reminder for every one.
Andrew quotes many scriptures, if followed this would be a different world.   NASB 1995 Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, and forever. Don't be fooled the word of GOD never changes.
Cons: Andrew could have used a better editor and spell checker.
Conclusion: This is a must read book, very short and to the point. Follow this advice and chance your life. Double left click on the icon and check it out.

I bought this book about fifty years ago and I must admit that it is one of the reasons for our  success. The main thing that I appreciate about this book is, for the most part, it is based on the GOLDEN RULE  in the Bible (Matthew 7:12).


Dale Carnegie emphasizes the Golden Rule in many different stories which in turn explains how to live and make the best of life for all concerned. This truly is a fantastic book. 

I purchased the ebook version. The  one above is only $1.99 at this time. If you find it worthwhile you can get a 1981 version (red one) paperback below with two blank pages in the back to keep notes. I bought a 5x7 spring ring notebook to keep notes in, also use a yellow highlighter and high light many passages and note them in the notebook for references later.  Buy this book and change your life one chapter at a time.

Many different prices. Also available is a newer 2012  version the blue one below. 


I recommend this one.


If you spend much time in prayer, study The Holy Bible and fallow good advice you will not fail.   

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