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If you have a Tip or a Trick you would like to share please send me an email, see below.

Cut finger (7).jpg

The number one thing that should be on every kitchen counter is an Alveira Plant. If you ever get burnt or cut break off a small piece and rub it on the sore. You will be surprised how fast it heals   

Cut finger (1).jpg
Cut finger (2).jpg
Cut finger (4).jpg

If you cut your finger in a joint (above) the first thing to  do is break off a short piece of Alveira and rub the juice on the cut. Now cut a Popsicle Stick to the needed length then wrap a Band-Aid around the cut then place the Popsicle Stick on top of your finger now take two  more long Band-Aids and wrap them around each end of the Popsicle Stick to cover the ends as shown.          

Your wound will heal in a few days without a scar.       

Cut finger (8).jpg

Here is another Popsicle  Stick trick. When the flexible wire on your Power Chair breaks off get a Popsicle Stick, fix the wire then tape the stick to the back of the Controller and an inch or two of the flex cable. I have had to do this on both of our power lift chairs.

 Does the corner of your table or desk look like this?

Glasse and Pens .jpg

Here is a Tip I seen on Doctor OZ a few days ago. I was  complaining that my Wonderful  Wife was always mumbling. Then I saw on Dr. OZ, put a few drops of worm to the touch 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in each ear. This would clean the wax out.  So I got my Wife to put some (worm to the touch) in each ear, and Bingo She doesn't   

mumble any more. lol. This sure worked for me. It does fis abit but not for long


Here is a neat way to fix the problem

Glass and Pens 2.jpg
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